PotSock Round for XL AutoPot

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PotSocks have been designed to keep even the most agile root system where it belongs, contained in the pot! Enjoy complete peace of mind that your aquavalve is safe and free from rogue roots. PotSocks are great for growers cultivating long term crops or simply plants with a very aggressive root system. They’re also the ideal solution for growers using fabric air pruning pots in an AutoPot system.

AutoPot provides growers of all abilities with a system – large or small – that will far exceed their expectations. AutoPot products operate without electricity, timers or pumps; they simply require gravity pressure from a reservoir to automatically feed and water the plants.

More Info

AutoPot is the only watering system in the world where each individual plant controls their own irrigation and receives fresh nutrient enriched water exactly when they need it. By consistently meeting the plants’ requirements, growers using AutoPot systems achieve even growth across their whole crop, utilise their light and space more efficiently and harvest more yield per plant.

For the commercial horticulturalist, AutoPot offers a watering solution that allows optimum levels of water and nutrient to be delivered to a huge volume of plants. Reducing their watering workload without the need for pumps or electricity and – most importantly – with zero waste.

Product Specs

PotSock Round

AutoPot Pot Base Size
25L XL AutoPot Pot 27.5cm diameter