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De-budding cannabis is now an easy task with the newest member of the Master Products family. Master Bucker offers a production of 65 kg / h, equivalent to the work of 15 people. It can process wet or dry plant matter. Thanks to its speed control you can preserve the shape and size of flowers.

Designed for large production, it is equipped with a powerful motor and rollers that can de-bud branches of any diameter. Avoid complications with less powerful de-budders.

Keeping the comfort of the operator in mind, Master Bucker can be tilted to work standing or sitting and is designed for the addition of conveyor belts. Furthermore, its wheels allow you to easily move the machine anywhere. Basic maintenance will not be a problem either: Master Bucker is easily disassembled, and basic maintenance will take only 10 minutes.

The powerful motor of the Master Bucker is capable of de-budding any branches of any diameter. There is no branch that can resist the Master Bucker.

65 kg/h, equal to 15 people


  • Gloves and protective eye wear must always be worn.
  • Avoid all direct contact of your hands (or other parts of the body) with the grid.
  • Never use metal objects on or insert metal objects into the grid, this includes scissors.
  • Never apply pressure onto the grid.
  • Master Products does not take responsibility and is not liable, neither directly nor indirectly, for any damage or harm caused because of the improper use of our products.
  • Use our equipment in accordance with the laws of your country.
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