Master Trimmer - Pocket Trimmer

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Master Trimmer Pocket is a portable, small, high-power bud-trimmer that is very quiet. It is ideal for quickly converting any space into the trimming-room of your plants.

The Master Trimmer Pocket can be easily secured onto any table by means of a clamp, without the need for screws or holes.

  • Two sharp blades of hardened steel that are adjustable for height, which guarantee a precise cut.
  • Includes two grids for trimming small and large buds.
  • MT Pocket is capable of processing 4 kg / h
  • Measurements: 254 mm (diameter) x 200 mm (height)
    (Working area ​​23cm in diameter)
  • Weight: 5,5 Kg
  • Materials: 100% stainless steel

How to Use?

Take a recently harvested branch in your hand and pass it over the grid from front to back, combining the movement with a rotation of the plant to achieve an even trim.

Every so often clean the machine and empty the waste bag.

Find USER MANUAL here.