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3 Auto-Flowering Seeds

Fruity flavors combined with our prized O.G have been painstakingly worked together into something we never thought possible in an auto-flower. ZKITTLEZ O.G AUTO™ is a smashing combination of gorgeous genetics combine to deliver a cosmic calming experience. Unbelievable aromas abound, and before you know it you’ll be holding her rare fruits in your hands.

After only 70 days growing time you’ll be overjoyed with the performance of this auto-flowering champion. Oozing with THC her succulent sugar coated buds are a joy to behold and will neutralize your pains away before dropping you into a different, more dreamy dimension. Make sure you don’t miss out on this extravaganza of US genetics in auto-flower form.

Growing ZKITTLEZ OG AUTO™ indoors you can expect magnificent yields of up to 600g per m2, quite a feat for an auto. Outdoors yields of up to 400g per plant have been reported.