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Bioneem is the organic gardener’s first choice for keeping nasty pests at bay. This amazingly versatile natural insecticide from Biogrow can be used to defend your home-grown greens against up to 200 different types of insects. Bioneem is the perfect alternative to conventional chemical-laden pesticides, and can be used to control fruit flies, white flies, weevils, leaf hoppers and mealybugs to name but a few. Based on a herbal extract from the neem tree, Bioneem gives your plants powerful, lasting protection from all sorts of pests without causing any damage to the environment.

Keep your garden green in every sense of the word, cultivating healthy plants with no compromise on your earth-friendly standards. This incredible natural insecticide has no harsh synthetic chemicals – instead, its active ingredient is Azadirachtin, a substance found in India’s world-renowned medicinal neem tree.

Azadirachtin acts as a completely natural deterrent to a large variety of unwelcome insects, but is safe for useful garden guests like bees and butterflies. Bioneem is completely eco-friendly and won’t cause any harm to the soil, air, water or food being grown. This proudly South African product gives you an easy, effective, and 100% earth-friendly way of defending your garden – what more could a horticulturalist’s heart desire?

  • Low-volume: Spray 0.5 to 1 litre of Bioneem per acre depending on crop stage.
  • High-volume: Spray 3 to 5 ml Bioneem per litre of water and cover entire foliage.


1500ppm Azadirachtin.