Buddi Fungus Gnats Spray (200ml)

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A specifically formulated & tested mixture of vegan soaps & organic aromatherapy oils which effectively control & rid your plants of destructive pest infections. Made from 100% naturally organic non-toxic ingredients.

500ml bottle ideal for 2 plants for roughly 1 weeks application.

Don’t saturate the plant roots, spray directly near the lights while on or over dose the plants.


Shake gently before use. Spray “buddi” directly onto Fungus Gnats; at the base of the plants & to the top level of soil (avoiding saturating plant roots) shortly before your lighting cycle goes off (do not spray onto the light/ bulb). For outdoor plants; apply “buddi” in the early evenings. Place yellow sticky traps around the pot bases to catch Fungus Gnats flying around. Consistent management is essential to prevent their return. Resolve your Fungus Gnat problem during plant vegetation. Fungus Gnats reproduce within a 4-day endless lifecycle; living in the top layer of damp soil, feeding on plant roots & hairs, stunting plant growth & eventually killing your plants. Bottom feed to dry out topsoil & starve/ kill larvae. Practise proper cultivation & environmental controls with ideal humidity levels, fresh airflow (minimum CO2 as Fungus Gnats are attracted to high levels of CO2).