Cannabiz LiquiCompost 1L

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LiquiCompost is a PhytoFulvic acid chelated nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) and micro-nutrient product that is totally soluble in water.

LiquiCompost improves the uptake of nutrients due to the chelating properties of the fulvic acid and promotes quicker germination and faster root and shoot growth. The fulvic acid and Kelp content also stimulates soil microbial activity. LiquiCompost contain Ecklonia Kelp to support cell division and mobility of the nutrients in the plant. LiquiCompost is to be used for the seedling and the Vegetative growing stages of the plant.

The plant extracted Phytofulvic acid used in LiquiCompost has strong wetter/spreader and rewetter characteristics due to its water loving nature. The wetting capability is directly related to its water dispersing qualities (soapiness) to break the surface tension of water.