Sonoff TH16 WiFi Smart Switch - Temperature and Humidity Monitoring (sensor and 5m sensor extension cable included)

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Sonoff TH16:

Sonoff  TH16 is a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring switch which can remotely monitor and set temperature and humidity range to turn on/off connected appliances through the iOS/Android APP eWeLink. Just as the name indicates, the Sonoff TH temperature and humidity monitor device supports two maximum current supply specifications: 10A or 15A. 

Sonoff  TH16 remote temperature monitor and wireless humidity monitor WiFi switch supports presetting the range for temperature or humidity. When the temperature or humidity of your home/grow environment falls within the range, it will automatically turn on or off the connected devices.

  • Real-time monitor–Monitor real-time temperature and humidity
  • Auto Mode–Set Auto mode to turn on/off at a specified temp. or hum. range
  • Manual Mode–Set manual mode to turn on/off immediately
  • Trigger Smart Scene–The temp. or hum. values work as smart scene trigger conditions to trigger on/off other Sonoff devices
  • Remote ON/OFF–Turn electrical devices on/off from anywhere, can work without TH sensor
  • App Support –Free iOS and Android mobile App eWeLink
  • Sync Status–Real-time device status provided to App
  • Share Control– Control your smart home together with your family
  • Timing–Set scheduled/countdown timers to turn on/off at specified time
  • Scene–Turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap
  • CompatibilityWorks perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Google Nest
Sonoff Sensor:

This Temperature & Humidity Sensor features a temperature & humidity sensor complex with a calibrated digital signal output. By using the exclusive digital-signal-acquisition technique and temperature & humidity sensing technology, it ensures high reliability and excellent long-term stability.

Sonoff Sensor Extension Cable:

The Sonoff AL560 extension cable is ideal to extend the range of your temperature / humidity. It is a 5m heavy-duty sensor extension cable made to extend your devices to a distance of up to 60m.

It is compatible with SONOFF DS18B20, Si7021 and AM2301 temperature and humidity sensors to work with the TH10 or TH16 switches.