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Feminized Seeds 
Origin - Canada/Columbia

Top-shelf Colombian Sativa with an outstandingly long breeding process behind it. Unusually euphoric Pablo Escobar (rich both in THC and myrcene – that’s why) was crossed with another auto-flowering Sativa strain, too, originating from Colombia. Auto Pablo Escobar is a mostly universal sturdy mid-size variety that has been wanted ever since Pablo Escobar came out, gaining admiration almost immediately! Possible medical usage, great fun in recreation and vibrant commercial prospects – not bad for an auto-flowering Sativa, eh?

Both novice growers and small grow box owners can now enjoy this perfect combination of two vivid Colombian landrace strains that can ripen for harvest in a matter of 14-15 weeks from sprouting… and yield fruitfully! Resistant to molds and most insect parasites, Auto Pablo Escobar has shown a strong appetite for watering. Through blooming stage, the fruity smell that Auto Pablo Escobar maternal plants produced was described as quite intense, but rather sweet than pungent. Massive fluffy colas are denser than normally expected from a pure Sativa – the trick lies in genealogy (a small percentage of Afghani Indica heritage) along with our creative breeding.

The amazing impact that Auto Pablo Escobar has brought for you all way from Colombia is well balanced: myrcene tends to relax your mind and body, while medium THC level makes for euphoric uplifting powers that ward off sleep and fatigue, improve your body movement awareness and help you concentrate – if use marijuana for meditation, yoga or tsi-gong, this is just the strain that works! Like gasoline for any kind of creativity as well as dancing, outdoor time spending, romantic dates and public performances, parties, Pablo Escobar Day-Neutral induces a happy cerebral high state that lasts for solid 2.5 hours.