GIB Lighting LED FS630 Fixture

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Lush, full-spectrum lighting meets spectacular efficiency with the GIB Lighting 630 W LED.  With a PAR output to beat most 1000w HID lamps, these LEDs are the future of indoor growing.  Make long-term cost savings on your grow by using less electricity - and get better results from your grow!

Unlike traditional HID lamps, which can cause grow room temperatures to rise dangerously, LED lights create little heat. This makes it easier for you to manage your environment, especially in the summer.

  • PPF of 1575umol/s
  • Full spectrum, white light with elevated blues and reds
  • Perfect for vegetative growth and bloom stages – no need to change lamps
  • Ideal for heat management – much cooler than traditional HID lighting
  • No need for a ballast – just plug in and play!

Technical Specifications

Power 630 W
Input voltage 100-277 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
IP 54
PPF 1575 umols/s
Life >50,000