Kratky Tank (Passive Growing System)

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A simple and easy to use growing system for beginners and experts looking to germinate, grow and clone. Can be used as a independent grower or as a nursery grower for a larger system.
What is Kratky Method?
A passive growing method where roots are suspended into nutrient-rich water where no airstone or pump is used for aeration. Suspended roots intake oxygen through necessary air gap in the tank.



System Includes

  • x1 Kratky Tank
  • x15 5cm Net Pots (Long)
  • x15 Neoprene Collars (Foam Disc to support plants)
  • x1 Directions for use sheet

Weight: 1kg

Dimensions: 58 x 28 x 20cm

What can I grow?

  • A wide variety of edible plants
  • Seedlings
  • Clones