Magnetic Ballast 600W

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This 600W ballast is a high quality, highly reliable analogue ballast packed full of great features. The components come fully encased in resin for silent operation and cool running temperatures. Able to run both metal halide and sodium bulbs (including dual spectrum), this ballast gives you everything you?d expect from a market leading product.

**A recent revamp means this ballast now operates 23% cooler than previous compact models**

Key features of the 600W?Magnetic compact include:

  • Compatibility with 600W metal halide and sodium lamps
  • Guaranteed to run your lamps to their full potential (unlike some cheaper models)
  • Full encasing in resin for silent and cool running
  • Fully wall mountable (if mounting multiple ballasts please leave a 15cm gap between them)
  • Industry standard IEC connection for easy linking to reflectors
  • Smart matched timed ignition for prolonged unit life and efficient operation

Our Opinion

Although it does lack a few of the features of the modern digital ballasts; a reputation for being extremely reliable, and great performance features ensures this 600W ballast is a popular choice for growers wanting a quality analogue ballast. Overall, this ballast represents fantastic value for money and is highly recommended.