Master Trimmer - Gentle 75

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MT Gentle is a marijuana trimmer that is designed for growers looking for a machine that works more automatically, thanks to its load container and silicone fingers, which move and rotate the buds on the grid.

Under this, are its sharp blades of hardened steel that can be adjusted for height, which guarantees a precise cut.

The fingers of the Master Trimmer Gentle marijuana trimmer are moved by a gearhead that guarantees a constant power, even when the buds are big and heavy, or the machine is dirty.

Inclinable to facilitate the exit of the buds.

It can be easily disassembled for transport.

Both models can easily turn into a MT Standard 50 and 75 respectively, by adding a grid with no need of tools.

  • Electricity details: 250 W
  • Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 140 cm
  • Weight: 70 Kg
  • Number of blades: 4 units
  • Working zone: 70 cm
  • Production: 25 kg/h
  • Replacing up to 14-15 people
  • Speed control of the fingers
How to Use?

Separate the flowers from the harvested branches.

Lift the top cover and load the flowers to be processed into the loading container. The flowers should form an even layer over the entire surface of the grid, without areas of accumulation. Do not fill the container too much or pile the flowers up, otherwise you will not have satisfactory results.

After the machine is filled with unprocessed flower, let it work. Once the desired trim is achieved (after about 45 seconds) open the outlet door for the collection of the flowers.

Find USER MANUAL here.