Autopot - SmartPot XL Replacement Pots

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AutoPot SmartPot XL Replacement Pots are sold individually to replace worn out SmartPots used in the AutoPot SmartPot XL System or to replace the 25L plastic pots in the AutoPot 1-XL system.

Don’t forget to add round PotSocks when ordering!

The AutoPot SmartPot XL System combines our power-free, water efficient, low maintenance, modular systems with high performance fabric pots for the first time. SmartPots stimulate plant growth by aerating, feeding and guiding the root structure rather than merely containing it.

The porous BPA-free, lead-free SmartPot material allows improved gas exchange in the substrate. Free to breathe the root zone can see dramatically enhanced oxygen levels – supercharging growth.

Product Specs
Volume Diameter
18.9L 27cm 34cm