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L.A. Peyote Kush is an indica-dominant strain bred by crossing the clone-only L.A. Kush with Peyote Purple. LA Kush's origins are shrouded in mystery, with some claims that it's from an OG Kush phenotype, possibly crossed with Diesel. At the same time, another story has it that it hailed from Orange County in California and was grown from a single bag seed. Peyote Purple, meanwhile, is an S1 back-cross of Bubba Kush and is known for its high THC potential and its deep purple, almost black, appearance towards the end of flowering.

How L.A. Peyote Kush Grows

L.A. Kush is 90% indica and takes 8 - 9 weeks to complete the flowering phase.

Peyote Purple is another indica-dominant strain with 90% indica genetics. It is born from a single purple pheno-type which was back-crossed for several generations to cement its qualities. This plant also takes 8 - 9 weeks of flowering before it is ready to harvest, producing average yields of anything but average weed. The THC potential of this strain is very high, with plants attaining between 18 - 28%. Its name is attributed to its headiness.

L.A. Peyote Kush Taste, Smell, and Effect

This indica offers some pronounced cerebral effects with a relaxing yet uplifting effect, leaving users sleepy and somewhat unfocused with heavier use.

The scent of mint pervades the grow room, while earthy tastes of menthol and pine have some diesel/chem notes. With THC between 19 - 21%, the effect is potent yet quite upbeat, and it is certainly no couch-lock strain. Uplifting, happy, physically relaxing, and mentally creative.

L.A. Peyote Kush combines the very best attributes of both parent strains in a pleasurably full package. Get yours from Seedsman today.