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Garden HighPro Vertical Wall Propots: These strong and long lasting vertical fabric pot hangers have a waterproof canvas backing with metal mounting rings punched through them for easy installation. Please note that some moisture may however seep through the stitching in the canvas.

The breathable geotextile fabric that the front potting cavities are made out of promotes soil aeration and air-pruning and also allows the substrate to dry out, so that roots do not stay waterlogged.

We recommend using a light Coco Coir and Perlite substrate and to avoid heavy, dense potting soils when filling the pots for planting. Also water lightly (even if watering needs to happen more frequently) to avoid the strain that the additional weight of fully saturated substrate will place on the mountings of your vertical unit.

Watering your Garden HighPro Vertical Wall Propots can be made easier with automation: Button drippers that are connected to your current residential irrigation system can be installed to water each pot cavity. Choose a button dripped that will emit just the right amount of water for each pot during your regular watering schedule. Button drippers require a few Bars of water pressure to function correctly, so will not work with  low pressure water pumps. If you are building an automated or semi-automated watering system for your vertical wall using a low pressure water pump, use arrow drippers instead.