420 Mix - Premium Soil for Potting

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420 Mix - Premium Soil for Potting is a handcrafted, rich in organic and 100% natural blend of high-performance ingredients with hard-working microbes.

Key features:

  • Enhanced premium potting mix
  • For professional flower growers
  • Addresses specific requirements of organic growers
  • Optimally balanced for ideal pH and moisture retention
  • Well-draining
  • Root Growth is enhanced
  • Excellent air-filled pore spaces
  • 100% natural and organic blend

420 Mix Application Guidelines

  1. Add 420 Mix to container (leave space for watering)
  2. Add water to the soil that has been placed in pot (+/- 11 Litre)
  3. Make an impression in your pot with another small pot, or with the one with the seedling plant in it. Make this impression in the medium after you have watered. This creates a perfect imprint for the transplant.
  4. Turn the seedling plant pot upside down, and firmly pat the bottom. Grasp the plant stem from the base and ease the compacted medium out of the container in one piece. Some soil will spill.
  5. Finally, gently slide the plant, roots first, into the hole created in the medium in the large container.
  6. Press lightly.
  7. Add some more water to the newly potted plant.