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4 Feminized Seeds

CBD-rich version of one of the most appreciated and fastest strains from the Sweet Seeds® catalog, our Green Poison® (SWS14). Green Poison CBD® (SWS70) is the resulting hybrid from the cross between our Green Poison® and a selected CBD-rich clone from Diesel ancestors.

The THC:CBD ratio of this strain stands between 1:1 and 1:2.

Mostly indica structure and very high yielder. The plants develop a big main cola and abundant long and flexible side branches. The growth of this strain is very fast and vigorous while keeping the quick and explosive flowering of the original Green Poison®.

The aroma of this strain is delicious, very profound and intense, sweet and fruity, with a touch of arugula and walnuts, complemented by mandarin citrus hints. Very appropriate to outdoor growing in humid zones that can be especially sensitive to fungus attacks, such as botrytis (grey mold).

Variety: SWS70
Indica: 55%
Sativa: 45%
THC: 5-9%
CBD: 5-12%
Indoor Yield: 500-650 g/m²
Outdoor Yield: 500-700 g/plant
Effects: Relaxing, Medicinal, Appetite
Taste: Fruity, Citrus, Mandarin, Rocket, Walnut, Sweet