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Just arrived! Keep your grow room or grow tent well ventilated with the Vtronic Mixed Flow Inline Duct Fan. This inline duct fan features a high-speed external rotor motor, pressurized fluid power blades, temperature control, large airflow and an IP44 protection level. On the basis of traditional fans, VTRONICS duct fans have undergone deep technological innovation; NMB bearing imported from Japan, pressurized hydrodynamic fan blade; on the basis of maintaining the traditional large air volume, the noise is greatly reduced, easy to install, more flexible and convenient; the fuselage adopts flame-retardant shell, which greatly improves the safety factor and is now...

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This video shows you how we do microgreens only using jiffy microgreen trays, a jiffy coco insert/ brick and seeds.

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A first generation injection moulded end cap that doesn’t require any bonding glues and uses a simple rubber seal which is watertight when placed onto a 110mm PVC pipe. Easy to attach and detach, makes this an ideal solution for larger systems to allow easy flushing on pipes. The end cap has a 25mm outlet and a 15mm drain to remove water from pipes.  Specs: Rubber Seal (No glue bond needed) 25mm oultet 15mm drain outlet.    

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