AQUAvalve - Silicone pieces

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The AQUAValve silicone is inserted into the recesses in the top & bottom floats of the AQUAvalve. There is only one size and they are produced in a bright yellow colour for easy visibility.

  • Autopot – Spare AQUAvalve Silicon (single).
  • A replacement for the small yellow piece of silicon that sits inside the ‘top float’ section of the AQUAvalve.
  • Perfect replacement for a lost piece of silicon.
  • Saves buying a full AQUAvalve replacement.

At the end of your growing season clean the AQUAvalve using warm soapy water. Using an old tooth brush will help. The AQUAvalve is easily disassembled. The top float will slide all the way across and the bottom float is unclipped from its pivoting position. The circular discs fitted to the top float can also be removed by using pliers to grip the raised point. At this point it is advisable to remove the yellow silicones to avoid them being lost.

Making sure your AQUAvalve floods and drains correctly is simply achieved and only takes a few seconds. Hold the AQUAvalve at eye level so that you can see the yellow silicon fitted to the top float resting on the hole below it. The yellow silicon must create a tight seal when touching the hole. If it looks like it is not sitting parallel on the hole below simply lift the top float and apply pressure to one side of the yellow silicon, drop the float and hold at eye level again. Repeat the procedure again if necessary.