Bubble Bag Kit - 19L (5 Gallons)

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The Bubble Bag Kit is everything you need to extract herbal resins and pollens from plant matter. Bubble bags separate herbal plant extract into different quality grades with each specially designed mesh filter bag.

These bags are made from high quality materials. The kit also includes a 25 micron blotting screen which is an essential part of the drying process and a carry bag for convenient storage.

The 5 Gallon Bubble Bag Lite kits can process up to approximately 200 grams of dry plant material at a time.

  • Long lasting high quality nylon material
  • Built-in cord for easy binding the bag after being extracted
  • Corresponding color micron bags are labeled for proper order
  • Different micron bags for filtering different grades of herbal resins


  • 5 gallon 220 micron work bag
  • 5 gallon 160 micron contaminant removal bag
  • 5 gallon 73 micron crystal collection bag
  • 5 gallon 25 micron crystal collection bag
  • 1 Blotting Screen
  • 1 Storage Pouch for your Bubble Bags