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The FlexiTank revolutionises water storage, it is everything you need in one compact box. It requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage and shipping costs and takes minutes to assemble. It really couldn’t be simpler. Unlike other waterbutts and barrels, it can be stored away when not used, can fit where other tanks cannot go and is adaptable in ways standard tanks are not. Ideal for AutoPot systems.

Product Specs


  • 1 x 12mm click fit male connector
  • 5 x Support Poles (100L)
  • 6 x Support Poles (225L & 400L)
  • 1 x Water Tank
  • 1 x 16mm Tap


Volume Capacity  Diameter Height
25L 30cm 37cm
50L 35cm 53cm
100L 43cm 75cm
225L 63.5cm 81cm
400L 68cm 111cm


Box Size

Product Length Width Height Weight
25L 36cm 16cm 13cm 1.3kg
50L 52cm 16cm 13cm 1.8kg
100L 73.5cm 18cm 12.5cm 1.8kg
225L 78.5cm 18cm 12.5cm 2.7kg
400L 112cm 18.5cm 13cm 4.6kg