Hydrodepot HPS Grow Light - 1000W (E40)

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The Hydrodepot HPS Grow Light is a bulb that emits light in the yellow/red visible light as well as small portions of all other visible light. Since HPS grow lights deliver more energy in the red part of the light spectrum, they may promote blooming and fruiting. These 1000w HPS grow lamps produce a high lumen-per-watt efficiency. Hydrodepot HPS bulbs typically emit 80% of their original rated output at the end of life (around 24,000 hours).

Please Note: Do not touch the light bulb with your bare hands. Wear gloves.


  • 1000W Super HPS
  • Emits yellow/red visible light
  • High lumen-per-watt efficiency
  • Extremely powerful grow lamp
  • Increases resin production


Max Watt Output 1000W
Socket Type E40
Lumens 140 000
Colour Temperature 2100