HPS Grow Light - 400W

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The HPS Grow Light is a more efficient type of HID lighting than metal halides. HPS bulbs emit light in the yellow/red visible light as well as small portions of all other visible light. Since HPS grow lights deliver more energy in the red part of the light spectrum, they may promote blooming and fruiting.

  • 15% more available energy than the standard high-pressure sodium lamp.

  • Delivers an optimized spectrum and high level of photosynthetic active radiation to promote healthy plant growth.

  • Specifically designed for high-frequency electronic ballasts. 

  • The absence of a frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam.

  • The jacket is made from quartz glass.

  • Compatible with both magnetic and electronic ballasts.


Watt Output 400W
Compatibility Electric and Magnetic Ballasts
Jacket Material  Quartz Glass