HPS Grow Lamp - 600W

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This HPS Grow Light is a high-intensity discharge grow lamps produce high lumen-per-watt efficiency. High-Pressure sodium grow lamps produce a colour spectrum that is somewhat comparable to the sun towards the end of summer. They emit light in the yellow and red parts of the light spectrum and are generally used during the flowering/blooming stage promoting increased resin production and larger yields.

These lights maintain their luminescence fairly well with 90% still available halfway through their lifespan (around 12,000 hours). These Hydrodepot HPS bulbs typically emit 80% of their original rated output at the end of life (around 24,000 hours).

Please Note: DO NOT TOUCH the light bulb with your bare hands. Wear gloves.

  • Compatible with a digital ballast
  • Designed to increase resin production
  • Extremely powerful grow lamp
  • 600W light bulb
Kelvin 2000
Max Watt Output 600
Compatibility Reflecter and Ballast
PAR > 1200 µmol