Jiffy Micro Green Grow Plate (30cmx40cm)

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Jiffy has recently introduced it’s microgreen plate and tray system. The Microgreen plate is a QSM (Quick Soil Media), cocopeat media plate measuring 30cmx40cmx5cm when expanded. The plate is made from RHP certified cocopeat without any fertiliser or wetting agents.

The plate fits into 30cmx40cmx5cm (expanded dimensions), single cavity tray made of recycled plastic. The trays are reusable and the system suits growers supplying restaurants or stores as new trays of microgreens can be delivered while collecting used trays.

The plates are easy to use, simply place in the tray and hydrate until fully expanded and you are ready to sow. Excess water will drain out through the holes in the base of the tray. The coco planks are washed, buffered and ready to use, according to RHP standards.

Trays have drainage holes but once the coco plank is expanded it holds significant water and very little additional water is needed for germination. Once germinated, watering needs to be more frequent.

  • Perfect for home or large scale growers
  • Holds optimum water and oxygen
  • Easy to use 
  • Contains no fertiliser or wetting agents

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