ROOT!T Rooting Gel

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The new RootIt Rooting Gel, specifically designed to be applied in RootIt propagation plugs or other growing media. RootIt Rooting Gel has a slimy texture that stays firm in the cavities of the RootIt plugs once applied, thus ensuring that it will stay in the desired area, performing its function properly.

Unlike other rooting gels, RootIt Gel should be applied in the hole of the plug, rather than dipping the cutting into it, as it will form a seal around the cut surface of the cutting, protecting it from infections and dehydration and starting the process of root development. It is usable in both RootIt Sponges and rockwool cubes – as well as peat or coconut plugs – and compatible with a wide variety of plants, accelerating biological processes and getting a better development of roots, leading to a faster growth of the plant.

  • Suitable for all types of plants
  • Gel format
  • Apply into the propagation plug hole
  • Generates a greater number of roots than other products
  • Compatible with all kinds of propagation plugs