Secret Jardin – Dark Propagator 120 (DP120)

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Secret Jardin DP 120 Propagation Tent

The DP120 comes complete with removable shelves and a full set of trays offering great versatility. For example, half of each shelf can be removed to allow a mother plant to be growing in one end of the tent whilst the other half is given over to three levels of propagators. Another format would be one mother plant, one standard propagator and an additional larger area (more height space) for more established seedlings or cuttings.

 More Info

Dark Propagator 120x60x120 cm

Revision R4.00
Weight 19.8 kg
Dimensions 120 x 60 x (5×38) cm
Water Tray 1x 120.60
Ducting Flange 2x Support

1x Connector Ø100mm

1x Light Baffle

Cable Flange 2x Single Sock
Handling 1x Lighting and filter holders included, supporting up to 10 kg
Accessories included 30x CableIT – Clips for cables and nets


Lighting Advised Propagation : 

1x TLED 42W

Volume Tent 1.4 m3
Extraction advised Flow (Every 1 to 2 min):

Extraction 80 m3/h


Grow (Every 2 to 4 min):

Extraction 40 m3/h