SOBO Submersible Water Pumps

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SOBO Submersible Pumps

  • Suction cups to fit Aquariums
  • Long Lasting Waterproof Ceramic Shaft
  • Suitable for fountains, ponds, fresh and sea water
  • High lift, large flow
  • Energy saving
  • Environmental friendly
  • Can be used inside or outside (on certain models)
WP-3200 water pump 5W 300L/H 0.6m size:4.5*4*3.5cm
WP-3300 water pump 12W 600L/H 1m size:4.5*4*3.5cm
WP-3400 water pump 15W 880L/H 1.2m size:6.7 *4.7*4.5cm
WP-3500 water pump 25W 1200L/H 1.5m size:9*9*5.5cm
WP-4000 water pump 40W 2000L/H 2m size:7*12*11.5
WP-5000 water pump 60W 3000L/H 3m size:8*14.5*12.5
WP-6000 water pump 85W 4000L/H 4m size:19*13*14
WP-7000 water pump 105W 5000L/H 5m size:19*13*14
WP-8000 water pump 135W 6000L/H 5.5m size:19*13*14